zámočnícke práce

Locksmith works

no technology can work forever and sooner or later it has to be repaired. Welding and cutting with plasma or oxygen, operating of stand drills, cutters, lathers and other machines requires experienced and train experts, whom we have. Depending on the type of work and needs of the client, we can put together a team of skilled locksmiths.


Assembly works

assembly of steel structures, production and installation of line, assembly of solar panels,... they will make, assemble and put into operation - we have experts for any type of work.

výkopové práce

Excavation works

excavation of utility networks, foundations for buildings or pools, finishing the surface of the terrain, bringing or removing soil, demolition works or cleaning of lands. Our company does all of these and we have the personnel, excavator and other machines, which are necessary for excavation work of any type.

stavebné práce

Construction machines

forklifts or lifting platforms will make work easier and make it more efficient. We have employees certified for operating them in our company with extensive experience.

výmena motorov

Replacement of motors on work lines

you do not have to stop your operation until you can find experts on motor replacement.Wehave experts, who can easily handle this.

udržba fabrik

Factory maintenance

In case of any breakdown in the factory, we are able to repair it almost immediately.



a significant instrument, which should not be missing in any modern company. Automation improves not only productivity, but also quality and competitiveness of the company.



they significantly participate in automation. Since there are many different types of conveyor systems (chain, roller, plate,...) we dedicate a separate section for them. Conveyors are used in different industry sectors. Regular maintenance, professional installation and disassembly are necessary for their proper operation.


Work using Merlo, Manittou

Telehandlers make the handling of heavy and/or larger objects easier. These are universal helpers, which you can use at construction sites, in agriculture, as well as other industries.

cestné stavby

Road construction

we have the necessary machines to build roads, pavements and parks, as well as experts with experience in using the machines and all works related to the construction of pavements or roads.


Welding works

welding of plastic, stainless steel or aluminum constructions? We have extensive experience in the field of welding and our welding works are a guarantee of quality. We have certificates for all welding techniques and experienced experts in this field as well. We also have welders of plastic with certificates and welders of steel constructions with certificates.

  • - MMA (Manual Metal Arc) welding method
  • - MIG/MAG (Metal Inert Gas/Metal Active Gas) welding method
  • - TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding of nickel, steel, copper
  • - FLUX (hollow electrode) welding method

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